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Nilos Special Sealing Rings for Bearings

Nilos Rings are manufactured with high quality galvanized steel and offer a permanent solution to seal and protect bearings in machines that operate under severe conditions of contamination by impurities such as dust, moisture, mud and other residues.

Advantages: Nilos Rings guarantee sealing for any type of bearing, English or Metric system;

They allow relubrication and can be reused; choice and use of lubricants for specific conditions; their flexibility enables periodical lubrication, with the option for permanent lubrication, without having to disassemble them; with Nilos Rings in stock, you can always (and only) acquire open bearings, that is, without pre-packaged original factory seals;

A brief history

ringsNilos do Brasil was founded in the early 1960′s as the result of a partnership between the German based Ziller & Co. and the Austrian Engineer Mr. Emil Ritz, culminating with the opening of a manufacturing facility in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais State – Brazil in July, 1967.

Nilos do Brasil, a certified enterprise of the highest quality standards, is still the only manufacturer licensed by Ziller & Co. to produce the Special Rings for Bearings outside Hilden, Germany … read more